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Sylvain, by environment consciousness, has converted 38 acres of vineyards in Organic Agriculture. “The vineyard has always been worked intelligently using fewer chemicals and always looked after in a scientific way and great knowledge before my arrival, I only put the rules and regulations European scheme together.”

Passion is born to a young chemist, not issued from the agricultural family, dropped 6 years ago in an unknown world.

After some training winemaking in France and in the United States learning how to work Sylvain feels that he is ready to work well. He has built a cellar and his winemaking method with only the use of natural yeasts to sign his wines.

The strategy is simple; Sylvain CERENE creates wines from a single grape variety and no oak, to play the card of sincerity and signed for fresh, varietals, developed and complex wines, accessible from the beginners to the most knowledgeable enthusiasts.