Organic farming

Within 4 years, Sylvain Cérène has built an organic farming policy. Wine production is insured by the European policy CE/834/2007. AB label is delivered by the controlled agency ECOCERT.

Wine quality starts with a rigorous scientific attitude, a good knowledge of biology, the vines environment and surrounding. For this purpose sylvain has chosen to work “clean”. No chemical substances are used for production and transformation of his wine.

Sylvain uses natural yeasts to perform the vinification of all his wines. They naturally exist on the berry’s skin and have to be looked after during the berries production process to reproduce the aromatic profile for each wine.

Surroundings, way of work, climate and hand skill is the best way to picture aromas of the current year. The job is risky but worth it.

The vinification operation is as close as possible to a natural process of winemaking. As example the extraction of aromas and colors are operated by physics and not by chemical compounds. It is cost less, easier and makes a natural hint to the product. The sulfites concentration is 2/3 less as the rules allow it to make sure to approach as much as possible the natural taste of the grape variety.

All these details added up on the overall process show that to make wine a minimum of knowledges, competences, understanding, logics and brightness are compulsory to succeed in a job that is first a passion